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ADcase Flip - iPhone 14 Plus

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ADcase Flip – The smartphone case for ultimate protection!

Automatic closing in free fall protects your display. With MagSafe support and the ability to magnetically detach the FlipAD, it not only offers security but also maximum flexibility.

Innovative protection for your smartphone in every situation!

The use of 3D printing in our production allows us to quickly adapt to different smartphone models.

This flexibility also allows individual design according to customer requirements, such as different textures, company logos or personal labels in the ADcase.

The use of 3D printing guarantees that this customization cannot be rubbed off, making each ADcase a unique and long-lasting product.

Through a surface treatment developed by us, we achieve a particularly non-slip texture for the ADcaseFlip.

Targeted processing creates appropriate roughness to ensure that the smartphone with the ADcaseFlip sits firmly in the hand. This is the first level of our protection concept, which at the same time ensures a comfortable user experience.

The ADcase Flip is not only innovative, but also sustainable. We rely on the use of bio-based plastics for manufacturing, which is not only environmentally friendly but also ensures the durability and quality of our products. For plastics that cannot yet be produced using a biobased method, we compensate for our CO2 footprint.

In addition, through 3D printing we follow a sustainable production approach by only producing the products that were ordered. In this way, we avoid producing surpluses that would later have to be destroyed at great expense. Through this efficient approach, we actively contribute to conserving resources and minimizing environmental impacts.

The ADcase Flip is MagSafe compatible. Both with and without the FlipAD.

The delivery time for the Limited First Edition is 31 days

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ADcase Flip Unmistakable individuality – Made in Germany

Personalize the ADcase Flip to your liking – innovative protection that adapts to your personality.

Active protection in the event of a fall: Automatic closing for display safety

Experience intelligent protection with our active mechanism - your smartphone, always protected, always ready

ADcase Flip – Sustainable protection for your smartphone

The ADcase Flip, made with an environmentally friendly and bio-based plastic

3D Printed Packaging

The packaging of the ADcase Flip is printed with a wooden filament