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Welcome to ADcase – Our story

ADcase's history is characterized by innovation, commitment and
the constant search for creative solutions. Here are some milestones that
have shaped our path:

About us

2017: The first idea

During Philip's studies, the visionary idea of ​​an active protective cover for destroyed smartphones emerged - the origin of our journey

2018: ADcase and the viral breakthrough

In 2018 we became a viral hit with appearances on Galileo, SWR, TV Tokyo, MDR-Einfach ingenious and many more.

In August 2018, mechatronic factory GmbH was officially launched
our vision to realize the ADcase and also products and services beyond it

Unfortunately, the first Kickstarter campaign in December 2018 was not successful
We didn't let that discourage us and continued working on the vision.

2019: The thing of the year and change

In March 2019 we reached 3rd place in “The Thing of the Year”, which gave us further momentum to continue developing the ADcase.

After a realignment, we have been focusing on mechatronics since June 2019
Services and 3D printing. But the ADcase remained our companion.

2022: Expansion into 3D printing production

In 2022 we took another step into professional 3D printing production and expanded our portfolio with a selective laser sintering system.

In 2022 we continued to advance the development of the ADcase Flip and to increase our machine park we decided to produce the ADcase Flip entirely using 3D printing.

2023: First deliveries

After a long development period and optimization of 3D printing production, we were now able to deliver our first cases to corporate customers.

2024: Shop opening and further products

We are now planning to launch our ADcase shop in 2024 and also offer other 3D printed products. Of course, the ADcase Flip should not be neglected and should support other smartphone models.